Volkswagen has had a reputation for being innovative for a long time. They have worked hard to develop the potential of their cars, and what they have been working on now is no different. Florian Neukart, a researcher for Volkswagen, said the company has strived to develop the potential of its electric vehicle batteries through the use of a computing system in its infancy called quantum computing.

Leading to Unimaginable Opportunities

Volkswagen is a pioneer in the industry, and are convinced that quantum computers will open up a realm of new opportunities. The company plans to acquire the specialized knowledge needed for this purpose by partnering with D-Wave and Google. These companies will provide the quantum systems that will speed up the development of the algorithms.

Only the Start of This Work

The research on quantum computers has only begun, so we shouldn't expect to see it widely adopted for vehicles any time soon, however, the development of this battery could move the auto industry forward when it finally comes to fruition.

Volkswagen's Aim

Through the use of a quantum computer, Volkswagen can simulate lithium-hydrogen and carbon chains molecules much faster, with the aim of creating complex chemical compounds.

Laying the foundation for this technology is the development of quantum algorithms, which could eventually simulate the chemical composition of these new batteries. The quantum algorithms would accelerate the development of the battery, providing a design for direct production, which consumes a great deal of time and resources.

Developing the Potential of Quantum Computers

The potential of quantum computers hasn't been fully realized at this point, but VW is on the path to accelerate the development of it because of its potential to radically increase efficiencies.

Where Does the Project Fit into Volkswagen's Broad Plans?

On a broad scale, the CIO Martin Hofmann has stated how they have chosen this project because it will modernize Volkswagen's IT systems. The objective comes down to intensifying the digitization processes at Volkswagen. In the future, it's unquestionable that the Internet of Things will play a pivotal role in quantum computing, and Volkswagen has taken a first step to position itself well within the market.

It's doubtless that computers have revolutionized our daily lifestyles. With the new partnership between Google and Volkswagen, we're seeing two industry giants team up to transform how to efficiently develop and produce electric vehicle batteries in the future.

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