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Basics Of BlueMotion Technology

There's a new technology in town called BlueMotion. Courtesy of Volkswagen, it's creating a lot of curiosity in the automotive community. Even those folks who might not normally shop for a Volkswagen might be considering it because of new BlueMotion technology. Despite the curiosity, there are many people who know little about BlueMotion. Today we're here to explore the primary purpose and features of BlueMotion technology, a series of technologies with one simple purpose: Reduce fuel usage. Efficiency is always a big priority for some drivers, so if you're one of those people who is determined to reduce the amount of gas you use on a daily basis, VW has just the technologies for you!

What To Know About Volkswagen BlueMotion

Only two VW models has the complete BlueMotion suite of technologies, but many other VW models utilize one or more BlueMotion technologies to help reduce fuel consumption. If you want the full lineup of BlueMotion tech, you're going to need to buy a Golf or Polo BlueMotion. If you buy one of these models, you're going to get four technologies that help you to use less gas (Polo) or diesel (Golf) fuel. Let's take a look at the four technologies.

BlueMotion Tech

  1. Stop/Start tech: This technology instinctively senses when your vehicle has come to a stop. The result is that it cuts the engine and then quickly restarts it when you use the clutch, to a very precise point, reducing the amount of fuel that your vehicle is using. You won't be wasting gas or diesel idling in traffic anymore.

  2. Energy Recuperation System: The alternator of your VW will increase output during braking, reducing the amount of fuel that you're using as you brake.

  3. Low Rolling Resistance Tires: These tires use much less energy during certain types of turns, making them more energy efficient than other tires. This is an interesting addition because it's less of a technology than a piece of "hardware" that truly does make a bit of a difference in energy consumption.

  4. Aerodynamic touches: There's a whole host of additions here, including different body style, smaller panel gaps, and reduced ride heights. The result of all of these design touches means that you're going to use energy more efficiently.

If you're one of those people who counts pennies on gas and truly needs a vehicle that helps you to save on gas, then a Volkswagen BlueMotion vehicle is going to be one of your best bets. Truly consider which model you want. And remember if you just want one particular BlueMotion technology, such as start/stop, you might find another VW vehicle that will have just that one BlueMotion tech on it.

Get To Know BlueMotion Better

If you want to save money on fuel in the future, VW BlueMotion vehicles are certainly worth considering. We invite you to contact us today via phone, email, or in person to ask us questions about BlueMotion tech. We're standing by ready to help you! Just call, write, or stop by our dealership today. We look forward to sharing more about BlueMotion technology with you.

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