VW Battery Maintenance Information

Don't get surprised by a dead battery. Find out more about servicing a battery in this short video.

The battery in your car is important. Car batteries manage many tasks in a modern car. Not only do they help start up the engine, but it also powers the lights and in-car computer. Getting the battery serviced is vital, as a dead battery can leave you stranded.

In this article you will learn more about your car battery, signs that it is failing and when to get a battery replacement in Orlando.

Keep an Eye out for Battery Failure

You should be changing a car battery around every three years. Without regular maintenance, the battery is more at risk for sudden failure and will not last the full three years. Though, when well-maintained, a car battery can last up to five years; at that point it should be replaced immediately. Coming in for regular service at Orlando VW North will keep your battery in the best shape.

There are some signs that you should look for that can be signals for imminent battery failure. These symptoms include:

    Volkswagen Battery Service, Orlando
  • The engine cranks slowly or won't start
  • Low battery fluid
  • Leakage and corrosion of your battery
  • Swelling of the battery case due to over heating

Schedule an appointment with the service center at Orlando VW North if you notice any of these signs. Regular service at our maintenance center will help you avoid risk associated with batteries that are too old. We will find any problems as soon as they pop up.

Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

There are several ways that can slow the wearing out of a car battery. Stretch out the life of your battery by:

  • Parking out of direct sunlight
    Heat can decrease the life of your battery. Over heating can cause the casing of the battery to swell and bloat.

  • Turn off all of the lights before getting out of your car
    Leaving the headlights or interior lights on while your car sits parked can take a toll on the battery. You may find when you get back in, your engine may take a long time to start or won't start at all.

  • Get Your Car Regularly Serviced
    Getting regular maintenance will make sure that problems are caught right away. The team at Orlando VW North will keep your car and its battery in the best shape.

Car Battery Replacement near Me

The service team at Orlando VW North will make sure the battery in your Volkswagen is in good condition. By bringing your car to our maintenance center, you won't have to worry about finding the right battery or replacing it yourself, our service professionals will do it for you. We will provide great service and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

For a great deal on battery service, check out the service specials at Orlando VW North.


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