Used cars for sale under $12,000

Orlando VW North offers an extensive variety of used cars, trucks, and SUVs priced at less than $12,000. From foreign vehicles to domestic, large and small, we offer vehicles to meet virtually every need at affordable prices. We strive to ensure each vehicle that is driven off our lot by our valued customers is safe and dependable. Therefore, each of our vehicles undergoes an inspection process, and we only sell cars that meet our standards. Therefore, you can feel at ease when shopping our inventory for an attractive, reliable car or truck that will not break your budget.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

There are many reasons to choose a used or pre-owned vehicle over a brand new one. New cars and trucks depreciate immediately after being purchased and driven off the sales lot. Some new vehicles automatically depreciate as much as 20 percent. Over the next four years, the vehicle will depreciate further, which means the owner will never recoup the money he or she expends to buy a car brand new. In contrast, a buyer who purchases a pre-owned car or truck may receive a clean, late model, reliable vehicle in sound mechanical and aesthetic condition without spending nearly as much money up front. Those who opt to finance a used vehicle also generally have much lower monthly payments. While there are advantages to buying a new car, such as knowing the vehicle's maintenance and accident history and enjoying the fresh car smell, the majority of people who do their due diligence and purchase pre-owned cars receive vehicles that save them money and serve them well on a long-term basis.

Our inventory is regularly changing as we make sales to satisfied customers and bring new cars to our lot. Therefore we encourage you to check our inventory frequently as more cars, trucks, and SUVs are added each day.

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