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  • Randy Dulaney
    General Manager

    Orlando VW North's General Manager. He has worked at this dealership for a year and a half. Randy enjoys fishing and spending time with his family. Randy loves working at Orlando VW North because he has a passion for helping people. 

  • Wayne McGilvray
    Used Car Sales Manager

    Wayne is our Used Car Manager. Wayne has been with the company for 5 years. He loves getting caught up in a good novel. He has loved working at Orlando VW North because he loves our personnel, they have become family.

  • Jacob Hanin
    Finance Manager

  • Robert On'derick
    Internet Sales Manager

    Robert loves taking his dog Samantha to the park and gardening with his fiancé. Robert loves the fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment.

  • Claudia Yidi

  • Brett Gold
    Assistant Internet Sales Manager

    Brett has worked at our company for 5 years and is constantly striving to be the best salesman that Volkswagen has ever seen. Brett loves playing with his dogs Winston and Louis. Brett has enjoyed working here mostly because he loves working with his friends.

  • Judith Scott
    Payroll Administrator

  • Sean Lord

  • Brandon Rallo
    New Cars Sales Manager

    Brandon is our Sales Manager. Brandon has been with Orlando VW North for almost 6 years and has enjoyed watching our dealership grow. He loves spending time with his kids and watching sports. What Brandon loves most about his job is getting to help people buy their perfect car.


  • Raul Gonzalez
    Sales Consultant

  • Albatros Rexha
    Sales Consultant

  • Jonathan Melendez
    Sales Consultant

    He is a car enthusiast. He loves the VW and Audi brand. He loves working here because he enjoys sharing his knowledge about cars and he gets to work for a brand he loves!

  • Shawn Besh
    Sales Consultant

    Shawhin has worked for us for over 3 years. He plays fantasy football and loves video games. Ask him to play a game of Madden and he will dominate the competition! Shawhin works here with a smile because he loves meeting new and wonderful people.


  • Frank Rowley
    Sales Consultant

  • Cynthia Schnelle

    Cynthia has been at Orlando VW North for five years, as a Customer Relations Personnel. She enjoys crafting most of all and here at the dealership we call her the Crafting Queen! Cynthia loves working here because it adheres to her detail oriented personality and she loves meeting new people.

  • Stefani Suika
    Office Manager

    Stefani has worked as the Office Manager at David Maus VW for three years. Born and raised in Central Florida, Stephani is most grateful for her family and enjoys watching the Atlanta Braves.

  • Sheila Pearce Lucas
    Parts Manger

    Sheila has worked with Volkswagen for over 17 years and currently is the Parts Manager at David Maus VW North. On her time off, Sheila enjoys swimming, gardening, restoring old cars and cruising. Sheila loves working for David Maus Volkswagen and has loved the brand since she was a little girl. Originally from Philadelphia, Sheila has lived in Central Florida for over 25 years and is an Eagles fan.

  • Nikhita Flagg
    Delivery Coordinator/CRM

    Nikhita has worked with the company for about a year and a half. She loves going out on the water and spending time with her family. Nikhita loves working for Orlando Volkswagen because she loves how all the departments work together to make the dealership, and all who enter, feel like family.

  • James Creeger
    Detail Manager

  • Adam Rutherford
    Service Advisor

  • Mike Kapsak
    Warranty Administrator

    Mike has been with Volkswagen for eleven years and enjoys working for David Maus VW North because his co-workers are like an extended family to him. Born in New Jersey, Mike has lived in Central Florida for 28 years and is a fan of the Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees and New Jersey Devils.

  • Mark Aguiar
    Service Advisor

    Mark has been a Service Advisor with Volkswagen for six years. He enjoys the David Maus VW North culture of having a family style environment and the full integrity of the organization. Mark has lived in Central Florida for 19 years and in his spare time likes to play basketball, dance and be involved with European car clubs. Mark has owned nine Volkswagen's and is a huge New England Patriot fan.

  • Brian Alexander
    Service Advisor

    Brian has been with David Maus VW for nine years. He is a team player and appreciates the value in providing an excellent customer experience. He also loves to see guests bring their doggies in for a bit of play time.

  • Annie Robinson
    Service Cashier

  • Kenny Kennedy
    Service Director

  • Mariel Colon

  • Misty Morris

  • Mike Albonese
    Service Technician

    Mike has been with Volkswagen for eight years and especially likes working for David Maus VW North because going to work is like going to a family picnic. Mike spends all of his time off with his daughter and family and is a huge New York Yankees fan.

  • Tony Vargas

  • Will Barber
    Master Technician

    William has worked as an Automotive Technician with Volkswagen for 16 years. He enjoys working for David Maus VW North because of the people he works with and the VW product. Having lived in Central
    Florida for 35 years, William is most grateful for his family and children.

  • Jason Joy
    Service Technician

  • Mike Keller
    Service Advisor

  • Johnathan Thunberg
    Service Advisor

  • Carl Maxwell
    Parts Consultant

    Carl has been with the Volkswagen brand for ten years. He enjoys working at David Maus VW North because of the teamwork and the great people. In his spare time, Carl works on old water-cooled VW's and spends time with his six year old. He has driven VW's his whole life and feels it is a natural fit to work for Volkswagen.

  • Josh Robinson
    Parts Consultant

    Joshua has worked with the Volkswagen brand for ten years. He loves the VW product and the people he gets to work with. Joshua is most grateful for his relations with God and his family. He is also a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • Dave Small
    Parts Consultant

  • Brandan Glover