Volkswagen Park Assist

Drivers who can’t quite get it right when parallel parking love the Park Assist feature offered by Volkswagen. This handy tool helps you both find available parking to suit your needs and assists you in safely getting your vehicle into the spot found. Park Assist is available on the 2017 Golf GTI, 2017 Golf Sportwagen, 2017 Golf Alltrack, 2017 Passat, and 2018 Atlas.

How Park Assist Works

The park steering assistant is activated when you press the Park Assist button. You only need to push the button once for parallel parking and two times when you want help settling into a vertical space. Reducing your speed to 25 mph will allow the feature to scan both sides of the road for an available spot that lets you comfortably park. The system knows that you want to park in a specific area the moment that you activate the turn signal to pull into the spot.

Park Assist by Volkswagen is especially high-tech in that it takes over the wheel the moment that you stop and shift the car into reverse for parallel parking. Of course, you need to operate the accelerator and brake to ensure full safety when parking. The feature, however, saves you enormous time and effort by providing the perfect park every time.

You Have The Power

Every good technology feature can be overridden with the touch of a human, and the Park Assist by Volkswagen is no different. Drivers can signal to the system that they would like to take over steering at any time by turning the wheel and shifting the car out of reverse. You can also press the Park Assist button once to turn the feature off and park your vehicle manually.

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