Why VW is a Great Brand for Floridians

Floridians are buying up Volkswagen models faster than many other brands. Could it be the 4Motion all-wheel drive? Is it the piano paint that looks so brilliant in the Florida sun? Or is it just because these vehicles are fun to drive?

Volkswagen Vehicles Dominate the Sunshine State

Owning a high-quality car in Florida is a necessity. The weather ranges from being incredibly hot to thunderstorms with heavy downpours. This means you need a brand that can handle the heat and the heavy rain without as much as a flinch. This is why so many Floridians love Volkswagen vehicles in particular.

Volkswagen has a reputation for building vehicles that are intuitive, so much, that the vehicles often feel like they are driving all by themselves. In fact, the newer models do have such automated capabilities, helping you to avoid an accident.

You will like the nuanced and luxurious feel of a new Volkswagen. These vehicles harmonize human and machine into one seamless package. The ride has a certain quality and character that is hard to explain. But once you've driven one, it is hard to settle for any other type of automobile.

Volkswagen Vehicles are No Slouch

Volkswagen also makes spirited vehicles that are fast enough to accelerate with ease on the highways but not overpowered to the point that they feel out of control. Volkswagen engineers are always focused on striking the ideal balance. If you want a super sporty model, they sell special editions that are tuned with sporty suspensions and more powerful engines.

Volkswagen is the second-largest auto group in the world. It is no wonder that they have obtained such a status of popularity. Their vehicles are of a high grade and economical enough for anyone to afford.

Please feel free to stop by at David Maus VW North whenever you are ready to experience the difference of German engineering. We have a large selection to choose from and provide excellent customer service throughout the life of ownership. Come by and see why Volkswagen is such a global powerhouse.

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