Volvo Explore the Ever-Changing Relationship Between Americans and their Cars

Volkswagen Serious About the Environment

Showing that it is serious about environmental issues, corruption and human rights, Volkswagen has announced a plan to ensure that its suppliers have good records on these issues. The new Code of Conduct for Business Partners will include a binding Sustainability Rating.

Suppliers will assess themselves using a Volkswagen questionnaire. To back up their claims, they will submit documentation. A third party will assess the claims. This may involve on-site inspections and investigations if there is doubt about the supplier's corporate behavior.

A low sustainability rating will cause Volkswagen to rethink their relationship with a supplier. Contracts will not be awarded as Volkswagen looks elsewhere to purchase products and parts vital to its supply chain.

Since the audits will be conducted by a third party, Volkswagen management won't have a say in how the rules are enforced. This should ensure that the rules are applied blindly without regard to costs or favoritism.

Established suppliers have been informed about the coming changes. In the last year, they have been invited to workshops and other events where they could learn more about Volkswagen's expectations. The goal is to ensure better cooperation through education and encouragement before enforcement becomes necessary.

For the moment, the questionnaires will focus on human rights, sound environment policies, and corrupt practices. Eventually Volkswagen plans to add carbon dioxide emission control to the list of compliance requirements.

Internationally, Volkswagen is the leading vehicle maker. Sales topped 10.8 million, a .9 percent increase over 2017. Thus, the automaker's leadership could set the pattern across the industry.

VW sales in the United States alone accounted for more than 354,000 cars and SUVs. Compared to 2017, this represented a 4.2 percent overall increase in U.S. sales. Leading the way, the Tiguan topped the charts of American VW sales.

The Volkswagen Group of America (VWoA) has 20 operational centers in Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Oregon. The Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen manufacturing plant has produced the Passat since 2011. More recently, it added the Atlas, Volkswagen's all-new three-row SUV, to its production line.

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