Volkswagen Front Assist  

Volkswagen has long been at the forefront of new safety technology. Coupling its Front Assist and Forward Collision Warning system with Autonomous Emergency Braking is just another example of its commitment to driver and passenger safety.

The Front Assist system (standard on the four-wheel-drive Executive and Touareg models and available on various Golf and Jetta models) will not only help you keep an eye on the traffic in front of you; it will alert you to a potential front-end collision, and, if your human reaction time is insufficient to avoid impact, it will automatically do the braking for you.

Forward Collision Warning is built into Volkswagen's Front Assist system. It will automatically warn you visually and with a warning alarm built into the dashboard when a front-end collision is impending. If you depress the brake pedal, but do so too lightly, Autonomous Emergency Braking kicks in to support the driver with increased brake pressure. If you fail to react quickly enough to avoid a collision or fail to respond at all, Autonomous Emergency Braking will fully apply the brakes to slow or stop the vehicle safely.

These are highly sophisticated safety systems, but there have been instances when they've activated even when a front-end collision was not imminent. In the unlikely event, this should happen, it's essential to know how to deactivate the front assist feature so you can continue to operate the vehicle until you can get it in for service. Here's how:

First, turn the key to illuminate the instrument panel. Then, locate the side-to-side arrow controls on your steering wheel. Navigate through the options until you reach "Assist Systems." Then, press "OK" to select that option. Once you're into the Assist Systems software, use the up-and-down arrows to scan the checklist of the system's features until you find Front Assist. You can then deactivate the function by pressing the "turn feature off" button. Complete the process by pressing "OK."

Having an array of Volkswagen safety features gives you the peace of mind of knowing you're doing everything humanly possible to keep you and your passengers safe. But it's also good to know what to do if something misfires. Learn more about how to deactivate Front Assist, and about the many other safety features built into your Volkswagen, by contacting the knowledgeable and friendly service staff at Orlando VW North.

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