Volkswagen Debuts New ID.4 SUV

Volkswagen has revealed the ID.4, an innovative, sleekly designed electric crossover. With this new vehicle, Volkswagen aims to help electric vehicles become more mainstream by making the ID.4 affordable. Volkswagen has adapted an old slogan to incorporate its goal, "Where the Beetle brought mobility to the masses, the ID.4 brings e-mobility to the millions, not the millionaires."

Evolution of the ID.4 Concept

Initially revealed at the Shanghai auto show in 2017, Volkswagen updated the concept later that year at the Frankfurt Auto Show and indicated that it would launch the new electric vehicle in the United States in fall 2020.

Fantastic Power and Range for the ID.4

When coming on the market, the back wheels of the Volkswagen ID.4 will be powered by a rear-mounted motor, getting juice from an 82-kWh battery. The total output is 201 HP and 228 lb-ft of torque. The initial models will only be driven by the rear-wheels, but sometime next year, a dual-motor, all-wheel drive model will come out. Horsepower increases to a combined 302 HP, and the range will be slightly reduced. The ID.4 should eliminate range anxiety because it's expected to go about 250 miles between charges. It also features fast charging when using a 125-kWh charger, going from 5 to 80 percent charged in 38 minutes. If you're not close to a charger, an 11kW onboard charger can give you an additional 33 miles after an hour. Volkswagen has partnered with Electrify America to provide ID.4 owners with three years of free fast-charging.

What Features are Available?

The ID.4's style is a perfect combination of futuristic design and a strong Volkswagen brand identity. This sleek vehicle cuts through the air smoothly, thanks to lip spoilers and underbody packaging. The future is here in the interior of the Volkswagen ID.4. Fast-forward touches include the dashboard-spanning ID.Light, an intuitive light bar that communicates with you by giving acoustic cues for charging status, incoming calls, and brake warnings. A cluster-mounted shift array and 5.3-inch digital dash add to the clean futuristic aesthetic.

There's a choice of a 10- or 12-inch infotainment display, and the ID.4 driver will find much satisfaction with a list of standard items: four USB-C charging ports, adaptive interior lighting, gesture controls, wireless charging, a full panoramic glass roof, a power tailgate with an easy-open gesture functioning, and wireless app connect. A full-featured set of driver-assistance technology will be incorporated into the Volkswagen IQ.Drive package.

Own or Lease a Volkswagen ID.4 When It Goes on Sale in Orlando

If you'd like more information or would like to pre-order this exciting new model, contact Orlando Volkswagen North. You can reserve yours with a small refundable deposit!

*As vehicle production starts, reservation holders will be invited to lock in their configuration and confirm their order with an additional fully refundable deposit. From placing a reservation to production and through delivery, customers can then track the status of their order and see when they can expect their ID.4 to arrive at the dealership. At that time, the customer can conclude the transaction with the dealer and complete the purchase. All deposits will be applied to the final purchase price. Contact us for more details.