Volvo ID.5 GTX  

Scheduled to make its debut at the upcoming IAA auto show, Volkswagen’s all-new ID.5 GTX Concept has already caught the attention of many automotive enthusiasts. This coupe-like SUV has the potential to become one of Volkswagen’s most popular vehicles. All the latest safety and entertainment features will be offered. Here’s what we currently know about the ID.5 GTX Concept.

Volvo ID.5 GTX Exterior

Coupe Styling

Although the ID.5 GTX Concept is a crossover SUV, a rakish roof and sleek lines make it look more like a coupe. A sporty front fascia with LED Matrix headlights further bolsters the vehicle’s appearance. To give the crossover more style, Volkswagen adds an integrated rear spoiler and LED taillights with a 3D design effect.

Electric Performance

The ID.5 GTX Concept is an all-electric vehicle. It should produce enough power to ensure effortless acceleration. Standard all-wheel drive makes the ID.5 GTX Concept even more appealing. Drivers will enjoy enhanced traction in all weather conditions. Sporty handling aids the ID.5 GTX Concept’s ability to keep drivers engaged. Luckily for folks who often venture outside the city limits, this electric crossover has an impressive driving range of more than 300 miles.

While the ID.5 GTX Concept is still being developed, there’s a good chance it will soon hit your local showroom. To learn more about this vehicle and other Volkswagen models, be sure to contact Orlando VW North.