Summer Maintenance Tips  

Driving your car more during the summer season when you're ready to travel and take road trips can cause your vehicle to take a beating. The high temperatures outdoors and the wet conditions when summer storms arise can affect the operation and condition of your set of wheels. There are a few summer maintenance tips to follow with the help of our auto service team at our dealership in Orlando. Here are a few ways to get your car ready for the upcoming months.

Add More Fluid

There are a few main fluids you need to top off or replace as the summer season approaches. This includes the wipe fluid, which wipes away a lot of dirt and grime that accumulates with long-distance driving. The coolant is one of the main fluids that needs your attention because it helps the engine stay cool in high temperatures. You'll also want to top off the transmission fluid to ensure it's at the proper level.

Check the Car Battery

Please take a close look at your battery and test it out to get an idea of how much power is left. This will offer insight into how much longer it will last and if you need to replace it before you start traveling more. The battery may be ready for a replacement if it's a few years old.

Look at the Tires

The tires should have proper tread to help keep your car planted on the road and to ensure you get good gas mileage as you navigate different types of settings. Look at the tread to determine if any wear is present, which indicates the tires need to be replaced or rotated. You'll also need to talk to a mechanic to determine how much air the tires need to ensure they're properly inflated before you hit the road.

Replace the Oil

It's a good time to replace the oil in your engine before adding hundreds to thousands of miles to the vehicle. The oil is responsible for keeping your engine in good condition and preventing premature wear and tear from developing. The oil will also flow a lot better in warm and humid conditions if it's new instead of old and dirty.

Our service team at our dealership is here to provide your car with the maintenance it needs to ensure it's ready for long-distance driving this summer. Contact us to schedule an appointment before your next trip this season.