Lighthouse Central Florida  

Lighthouse Central Florida is a nonprofit organization serving people in the Orlando metropolitan area for more than four decades. Throughout the years, the group has impacted more than 100,000 individuals who have suffered from some form of vision impairment. The entity primarily serves eligible children, adults and seniors in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. The organization provides much more than just health care for individuals who are considered legally blind by local standards. People who are at risk of some form of vision loss could still benefit from the programs at the organization. In fact, Lighthouse Central Florida in Orlando takes aggressive measures to detect and treat the early stages of common or rare vision conditions. According to official studies conducted by Florida health departments, the state has a growing population of residents with moderate and severe vision impairment. After all, the Sunshine State has one of the largest demographics of senior citizens in the entire country.

Lighthouse Central Florida

Programs for Children

Lighthouse Central Florida operates an early intervention program for children under the age of 5. Eligibility for assistance is based on a family's income, housing status and several other factors. Professional therapists can work directly at a child's home, school or daycare facility. These workers optimize the physical and mental development of such young kids who already have some form of blindness. The early intervention initiative allows eligible children to excel in school through the appropriate accommodations.

Programs for Teens and Adults

Lighthouse Central Florida also works with vision-impaired teenagers who are enrolled in local high schools. The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) helps the students transition from high school to college or any other institution of higher learning. The IEP provides resources on regional and national colleges that can properly accommodate students who are legally blind. Additionally, the nonprofit organization operates other educational and employment programs for adults in Central Florida. For example, qualified people can sign up for seminars and classes that focus on accessible technology. In today's high-tech age, it's important for blind people to take advantage of all available accessibility features in computers, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Blind people can learn how to do essential online tasks, such as shopping, chatting, conferencing and streaming. Individuals with vision impairments are also encouraged to sign up for mobility and orientation training. Such skills essentially allow blind people to enjoy some degree of independence and freedom in daily life.

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