Volkswagen Scout to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle  

Volkswagen Revives the Scout Name for New Electric-Vehicle Line

Volkswagen is entering the off-road game in a big way with the return of the Scout brand name. International Harvester produced the original Scout vehicles between 1961 to 1980. These vehicles were early forerunners of the modern SUV. Volkswagen acquired the Scout name when it purchased Navistar.

Volkswagen's decision goes beyond the off-road and SUV markets. They plan on attaching the Scout name to a line of rugged electric vehicles. They will first release a pickup truck with the Scout name, soon to be followed by an SUV. Prototypes are slated for a showing next year, sometime in 2023. The expected release of their first vehicles will be in 2026.

Volkswagen looks to be an innovator and a major player in this fairly new and exciting sector of the automotive industry. They recently put out a video of company employees driving a classic International Harvester Scout. The idea was to showcase the brand name's legacy and to provide potential buyers with a good sense of the vehicle's style and overall vibe.

Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen Group's CEO, has announced that Scott Keogh will be the lead project manager for bringing the Scout back to life and into showrooms by 2026. Mr. Diess also named Pablo Di Si as a key collaborator in this exciting new project. They will be tasked with making the Scout vehicles successful in a soon-to-be crowded field. He sees this as an opportunity to be a leader in a historic market and a way to take Volkswagen's growth to a whole new level in the U.S.

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