Volkswagen Passat Lease

The staff at David Maus VW is honored to work with you on the lease of a new Volkswagan Passat. Please take a look at our inventory listed below.

Are There Any Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle?

New vehicles have all the latest comforts, technology and safety features. Leasing a vehicle allows you to enjoy all of these benefits, and many more.

Lower Monthly Payments

The monthly payments on a lease are typically lower than traditional financing. The reason for this is that you are only making payments on the depreciation of the car during the lease term. This means you have the opportunity to drive a nicer car for less money.

Lower Down Payment

The down payment on a leased vehicle is generally lower than you would pay on a purchase agreement. This means more money stays in your pocket.

Full Warranty

More often than not, new cars come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Your leased car will be covered for all or part of the lease term, so there is much less stress regarding repair and maintenance issues. You will be driving your car during its very best years.

The End of the Lease

When you reach the end of your lease, you have several options. One of the benefits to leasing is that you can upgrade your car almost as often as your cell phone by trading it in for another lease. You can also chose to keep the car and finance the residual value, return it to the dealership or sell it yourself.


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